Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tony Curtis

Tom Junod on Tony Curtis:

"He took himself seriously, but as a comic character. As an actor, he
was never quite as convincing in heroic roles as he was when he
revealed an element of cowardice, and so he was, to my mind, brave. As
a young man, he was intoxicated by his own beauty, and the kind of
life it would allow him; in middle age, when some of his beauty faded,
he couldn't let the intoxication go, and became an addict, losing
everything, from his hair (a primal wound in a man of Tony's dark
vanity) to his son, who followed the course of his father and
overdosed. When I met him, he was a man who swallowed, every morning,
the full draught of regret an American life could offer, and yet went
about his days (and nights: his very late nights) determined to get
intoxicated — intoxicated by what was left of his beauty; intoxicated
by the fantastic fact of the freedom his beauty still afforded him in
Hollywood and in America; intoxicated, at this late stage of the game,
by his potential, even while he was intoxicated on tequila and
painkillers — and stay that way. And, yes, he still got laid, in those
pre-Viagra days, with a dose of prostaglandins he injected in his
thigh to give him an erection post-prostate surgery."

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