Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are movies dead?

"Look back over the past decade. How many films have approached the
moral complexity and sociological density of 'The Sopranos' or 'The
Wire'? Engaged recent American history with the verve and insight of
'Mad Men'? Turned indeterminacy and ambiguity into high entertainment
with the conviction of 'Lost'? Addressed modern families with the
sharp humor and sly warmth of 'Modern Family'? Look at 'Glee,' and
then try to think of any big-screen teen comedy or musical — or, for
that matter, movie set in Ohio — that manages to be so madly satirical
with so little mean-spiritedness."

A.O. Scott, "Are Films Bad, or Is TV Just Better?," New York Times,
Sept. 8, 2010