Sunday, June 27, 2010

On gentrification

"Why ambivalent? Because, as Zukin points out in Naked City, 'I am one
of those New Yorkers'. Though pronouncing herself 'dismayed by the way
the city has morphed from a lumbering modern giant to a smooth, sleek,
more expensive replica of its former self', Zukin recognizes the
pleasure of 'savoring a latte instead of a scorched black caffeine
brew'. There is not the slightest sneer in her quoting the British
novelist Hari Kunzru, who cherishes Hackney's 'grubby glamour' but
also admits: 'The thing is, I am partial to a nice piece of

D.D. Guttenplan, reviewing Sharon Zukin's Naked City: The Death and
Life of Authentic Urban Spaces in the Times Literary Supplement, June
25, 2010 (Kindle edition).