Thursday, May 13, 2010

CD-ROM of the Grand Ricci

I've long wondered why there is no comprehensive Chinese-English
dictionary such as the Grand dictionnaire Ricci de la langue chinoise,
which was published in 2001 and is excellent both for its coverage of
classical Chinese and modern Chinese.

The seven-volume paper edition of the Grand Ricci sells for EUR 750.51
and is available from here:


An electronic edition of the Grand Ricci is now available on CD-ROM
for EUR 113.99:


I love the paper edition of the Grand Ricci, starting with the look,
feel and smell of its seven volumes. But the fact is that nine times
out of ten, electronic editions of dictionaries are more convenient
than paper editions. This is true of the 20-volume OED, it's true of
the Grand Robert, it's true of John Defrancis' excellent ABC
Chinese-English dictionary, and I suspect it's true of the electronic
edition of the Grand Ricci, which I ordered five minutes ago.

For a video presentation of the Grand Ricci, go to:

and click where it says "Pour voir la vidéo de présentation du DVD,
cliquez ici."

I'm not a Catholic, but to my mind, the Jesuit priests who spent
decades compiling the Grand Ricci deserve canonization.