Thursday, November 13, 2008

Second Class Googlers?

This passage in a Trib article about Google's book search program
makes me wonder if we in Europe are second class googlers:

"The Google settlement with U.S. rights holders largely concerned
another kind of works, those that are still under copyright but no
longer in print. Many analysts say this is where digitization could
make the biggest difference, allowing publishers to offer readers vast
numbers of additional books - the so-called long tail of the Internet.

In Europe, Google has refrained from including such works in Book
Search. But it has signed up seven prominent European libraries,
including the Bodleian at Oxford University and the municipal library
of Lyon, to its book-scanning project."

I take this to mean that when I look for something in the Google Book search window, which as a translator I do all the time, I get fewer hits than someone in the U.S.