Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fog of Censorship

The Fog of Censorship, a book by the exiled Chinese journalist He
Qinglian, which I translated a while ago, is now available free of
charge in PDF format from Human Rights in China in New York:

The Fog of Censorship

A paperback version is available from Amazon, but it ain't free.

The blurb says, "The Chinese government, in its effort to maintain
political and social control, imposes severe limitations on access to
information, as well as the right to freedoms of expression and of
association. It devotes significant resources to censorship and
control of the media, the Internet, non-governmental organizations,
and political and religious expression. Based upon detailed research
and analysis, The Fog of Censorship: Media Control in China describes
how media control in China is carried out through an elaborate
architecture of pervasive Party supervision, a broad and vague state
secrets system, stringent publishing and licensing mechanisms, control
over key personnel, and the concentration of press groups under a
handful of media organizations operating directly under the Party. He
Qinglian also describes how new technologies, provided in part by
Western companies, have strengthened Internet surveillance and

From the book's sleeve: "Paul Frank translates from Chinese, German,
French, and Spanish, and specializes in the social sciences, human
rights, and labor rights. He lives in a Swiss mountain village. See
his website:".

Now that I work for the Swiss government, I translate more from German
and French and less from Chinese.