Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caucasian languages redux

Regarding the possible family relationship between Basque and Georgian (mentioned in the New York Times/IHT article quoted in my previous post), Bill Poser writes in the Language Log:

On this "Vasco-Dene" hypothesis, Georgian is not considered related to any American Indian languages or to Basque. It is Kartvelian, not North Caucasian. However, to complicate matters further, there Georgian has been proposed by other scholars to be related to Basque. This should surprise no one since Basque has been proposed to be related to practically everything. Anyone interested in the history of Basque, its various proposed relationships, and why these proposals are dubious, should consult The History of Basque by the late Larry Trask, which is the definitive work on the sujbect.

Amazon sells The History of Basque for US$215, so I guess I'll have to continue living in ignorance.